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We can't argue with the fact that Instagram has quickly turned to be the number one place for seeing photos from people as well as places all over the globe. While trying to view photos in this social media platform is fun, it is typically hard to save these photos for later viewing. And while you can't directly save photos on Instagram's application, there are actually a number of workarounds available which can help you get photos off Instagram and onto your computer or smart phone.


Know that there's no direct way of saving photos from Instagram. To be able to protect the copyright on every photos uploaded to this social media platform, Instagram isn't allowing people to save other people's photo straight from the application. While this might be a pain to some, keep in mind that it is there to restrict others from downloading your work.


Try making use of unaffiliated Instagram websites to be able to get photos from any user. Consider searching online on how to download Instagram pictures and choose a website that will work best for your needs. These websites let you to search for nearly any username on the social media platform and save their pictures without any hassle. Find the user that you want and then, click on the photo you want to save. At the bottom of the site, you'll see a button asking you to save the image. As a matter of fact, these websites also work on mobile browsers.


Download photos by saving apps to access to photos of your friends. Try looking for "save Instagram photos" to be able to find the most appropriate applications. Available both on iOS and Android devices, these said applications are asking you to log into your IG account and request access. As soon as you've allowed them to access it, you may now click on download and start downloading any photos that you want. And the best thing about this is that, majority of these applications are available for free.


By allowing access, it indicates that the application as well as its developer has the right of taking the information right from your IG account. At times, these applications are outdated after updating your phones so try to use multiple apps if you're having some technical difficulties. Good applications that you should try are the ones that received high rating from users.


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